Amanda McRoy Simmons, Knoxville Coordinator
Cameroon 2009-2011
Peace Corps Response Zambia 2012

Amanda, a native of North Carolina, obtained her Bachelor’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in Vocal Performance.  Following completion of her degree she served as a Community Health Volunteer in Cameroon. Amanda worked with a government run hospital in her village, while also spending a lot of time working on secondary projects.

Amanda also served as a Peace Corps Response volunteer in Zambia from January to April of 2012 where she was a part of the Saving Mothers, Giving Life pilot program. She was a liason between numerous NGOs and the communities of Zambia to begin searching for solutions to many of the problems that plague the women’s health sector.

Amanda served as the Peace Corps Campus Representative and Recruiter at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville from 2012-2015 while pursuing her Master’s in Speech Language Pathology (SLP).  She has since completed this degree and is using her Masters in SLP to work with the geriatric population at a local Skilled Nursing Facility while pursuing her PhD in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with hopes or returning to an international platform as she continues in her doctoral program.